Montura “Workframe” is a division dedicated to the world of technical work, prioritizing the requirements and needs of those who have first-hand experience of the Mountains and Nature as a result of their passion, or for their job and profession. A fundamental element of Montura is the Specialized Technical Team that the company set up in-house right at the beginning. This team of qualified experts with many years’ experience draws up innovative projects resulting from their experience “on the field” and based on the concrete needs that the Team itself experiences during the technical and operative activities it performs. The innovative features of the Montura products are the result of the work of these professionals. Comfort, ergonomic design, practicality of use, compliance with regulations and certifications, these are the key words behind the “Workframe” product. Innovation, style and a high technical content are the characteristics that have always distinguished the philosophy of the Montura Brand.

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