1. Data Protection officer

Montura has appointed a Data Protection Officer ('DPO'), who can be contacted for any queries at the following e-mail address: privacy@montura.com.

       2. Whistleblowing

Attention: Do not use this channel for commercial complaints, communications, disputes, suggestions and requests of a personal nature.

The following link: Montura - Home (integrityline.com) refers to the platform made available by Montura S.r.l. for making a whistleblowing report pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree 24/2023 (implementing Directive EU 2019/1937).

Whistleblowing" means any communication of information concerning suspected conduct, whether active or omissive, carried out in the context of work and defined as "violations" pursuant to Article 2, paragraph 1, letter a) of the aforementioned Legislative Decree 24/2023.

For further information, please read carefully the 'Whistleblowing Policy' on the platform access page.

    3. Legal information

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