Montura at Trento Film Festival

Montura and Trento Filmfestival have been partners for over 15 years, a long period in which this formidable "cordate" has been able to achieve extraordinary goals in the field of mountain culture and filmmaking.

The 72nd edition will also be packed with events, with a "Montura calendar" that appears almost like a "festival within a festival"


Several "world premieres" and competition works supported by Montura in this edition. Beginning with mountaineering, with the film and stage presence of Edu Marin, to narrate the climbing of the Nameless Tower at Trango Towers in "Keep it burning," by Guillaume Broust, in Trento for its world premiere. "Premiere" also for the great writer Erri De Luca, who scripted and starred in Marco Zingaretti's film "The Experimental Age." And also for Luca Cococcetta's "Corno Grande," a film supported by CAI and starring, among others, Hervé Barmasse, dedicated to the first ascent of Gran Sasso in the 16th century. Then "Enigma" by Alex D'Emilia, the superb route on Torre Trieste opened by Montura ambassadors Baù and Beber. While the delicate "Sadpara" filmed in Pakistan by Gabriele Canu pays tribute to the local population, from which many mountaineers and high altitude porters come. There is no mountaineering, but real mountain life in Nicola Buffoni's film "Contraband is No Sin," two hundred years of history in the relations between the Ossola Valley and Valais; as well as in Roberta Bonazza's journey along the Sarca River "Toward the Source," with mountain guides Danny Zampiccoli and Giampaolo Calzà "Trout." Also noteworthy is Moe Wada's award-winning "Rope," with Japanese mountaineer Kenro Nakajima wearing Montura garments on the ascent to Tirich Mir.


Opening the Montura signature events on April 30 will be Prof. David Bellatalla's talk "The Thousand Faces of the Shaman," at MUSE. On the same day, Edu Marin's talk will recount the ascent to the Nameless Tower in Pakistan. This will be followed by Lorenzo Barone and Alessandro de Bertolini, on stage at the Teatro Sociale with Alex Bellini and Tamara Lunger to talk about bicycle travel.
Other day, other stages. That of May 1 at the Supercinema Vittoria with Erri De Luca, who will talk about his relationship with advancing age.
In Trent, they will also talk about the greatest value, that of Peace, which echoes in the Trail that follows the 600 kilometers of the Great War front between Italy and Austria. In fact, the Path of Peace will start again from Trento with a new initiative, which has seen the involvement of young people from "Và Sentiero" thanks to the support of Trentino Marketing: walking on evocative paths, with greater awareness, in the memory of a past not to be forgotten and which is a warning for the future. Appointment on May 3 at Palazzo Roccabruna, on May 4 on the trail between Carbonare and Luserna and on May 5 between Luserna and Passo Vezzena, together with ambassador Claudio Migliorini, with final performance by Compagnia (S)legati, "A (s)ragionar di guerra" and with solidarity evening dedicated to raising funds for the Rarahil School, with Fausto De Stefani, Mauro Corona and the mountaineers of Dolomiti Open. Sung by the Sosat Choir.

Exhibitions and books

"The Ice builders - i costruttori di ghiaccio," curated by Andrea Zatta, Fabio Saitto and Francesco Clerici will be the exhibition in collaboration with Trentino for Tibet hosted at Torre Mirana to tell the story of the solidarity project in Zanskar, supported by Montura also thanks to the fundraising of the last Black Friday. Also of the same title is the fine documentary, by Francesco Clerici and Tommaso Barbaro, in competition in the "Terre alte" section.
Montura Editing has also been books for more than 20 years - more than 100 titles - and May 1 will see the presentation of Alessandro de Bertolini's book "Like a skinny ant," featuring Fausto De Stefani and David Bellatalla. The book recounts the journey by bicycle, 7500 kilometers in 75 days from Ulan Bator to Kathmandu, for solidarity and science. On May 2, Erri De Luca will narrate the latest work published by Feltrinelli (at MUSE) and more space for books with the presentation of the work dedicated to Mont Blanc by the Fortress of Bard, Saturday, May 4 at the Cloister of the Augustinians. Closing the festival on May 5 with Mauro Corona's latest work, published by Mondadori.

The booth in Piazza Duomo and the live paiting with Artesella

Montura's "new way" will bring many novelties again this year, starting with live painting by Emanuela Salvatori (Emi.Artes) in Piazza Duomo. The operation, devised together with partner Arte Sella, will see a work titled "A passo di donna" (At a woman's pace) come to life day after day on the walls of the Montura stand, bringing the theme of care and nature thanks to a narrative about the mountains proposed through the author's renewed look at femininity and the role of women in the contemporary world. An Arte Sella info point and the editorial production of Montura Editing, narrated by ambassador Caterina Borgato, will welcome visitors.