Verso la sorgente

Friends and adventure companions throughout their lives, Arco mountain guides Danny Zampiccoli, volcanic mountain hut manager, and Giampaolo Calzà 'Trota', talented photographer, walk along the Sarca river in Trentino: from its mouth on Lake Garda to its source on the great Adamello glacier, following the 70 kilometres of the river of their childhood and which flows through their home. Along the way they reflect on the theme of water, visiting spectacular places such as the Limarò gorge and the Val di Genova.

They meet biologists, glaciologists and the missionary Alex Zanotelli, defender of water as a 'public good'. The journey, in which water is always the main protagonist, is narrated with a touch of poetry by director Roberta Bonazza.

Screenplay: Danny Zampiccoli and Roberta Bonazza
Director: Roberta Bonazza
Production: Basso è bello
Running time: 50 minutes
Year: 2024