A company speaks to the world through its products, but also through its virtuous actions to support sustainability and education, culture and solidarity. But more than anything, a company is made of people who believe in it, wholeheartedly. Each of these people has a story, a vision they dream of achieving. And it is precisely the words and stories of the people closest to us that form our starting point to describe a way of being, of living, of feeling #UnoMontura.

An almost dreamlike journey in search of roads we can’t see even if they’re right in front of us, emotions we feel but are afraid to show, mountains whose summits we’ve never reached and summits we’ve never left. Mountaineer Fausto De Stefani, young climber Laura Rogora, anthropologist David Bellatalla, sailor Sergio Caramel, traveller Caterina Borgato and rifugio manager Danny Zampiccoli speak of their feelings, their world, their way of being #UnoMontura. 

When you wear Montura clothing and footwear, you become part of a ‘spirit’, a community that shares respect for others and for the environment. People who are constantly seeking a direction, new roads to follow, new emotions and experiences.


The #UnoMontura web series arises from our desire to tell others something about our world, to share. This is not and will not be the only opportunity to do so. Anyone who knows us will find confirmation of a constant and passionate approach to our work; to anyone meeting us for the first time in this series, we offer the warmest welcome, and an invitation to stay.