Montura Sarzana


Via Variante Aurelia 7
19038 - Sarzana


+39 0187 624389

Located where the two major Italian mountain chains meet, the Westerns Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Montura Store Sarzana holds a strategic position between the three regions of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Liguria. With 650 m2 of display space, it can easily serve a wide, varied and astute audience that is used to dealing with the different needs of outdoor life, sports and high-altitude activities in all seasons.
It features a large space spread over two architectural, technical floors. On the top floor as you enter, you'll find Montura's seasonal collections on display, while on the bottom level there are skis, rucksacks and various equipment, as well as the outlet-corner and a work equipment section. There are also two areas where sport and our staff's technical training really come to life: a ski assembly bench and a climbing wall, where you can try out shoes and harnesses as though you were hanging on a rock face.
In addition to serving as a retailer of technical apparel for sport, travel and outdoor activities, Alpstation Sarzana is also a reference point for assistance and repairs of any specific equipment: we offer a ski workshop, climbing shoe resoling, skin prep for ski mountaineering, boot thermoforming and much more.