Montura Milano


Via Mantova 21
20135 - Milano


+39 02 54122800

If the Mountain won’t come to Milan, Milan must go to the Mountain. The one with a capital M. And it embraces it in its fullest form, from sport to ancient traditions. 
Montura Store is a retailer specialised in technical clothing and products for outdoor activities, covering all their aspects, from deserts to the highest peaks on Earth.
Montura Store Milan offers its clothing collections to the demanding public of Lombardy’s capital. This collection reflects the trends of the current season, with comfortable, high-quality clothing that meets the needs of all outdoor enthusiasts. In an urban fabric characterised by people who often go to the mountains to engage in active sports, the collection of Montura shoes and technical equipment from the most popular brands in the sector is a must. An authentic 360-degree mountain showroom. In addition to the commercial area, the building has a cultural space dedicated to communication for the promotion, diffusion and presentation of activities and events centred on the heart of the mountain, it's summit.