Montura Isera


Località Le Fosse 2
38060 - Isera


+39 0464 750140

This Montura sales point is located in Isera, a village just outside Rovereto, 3 km from the motorway exits north and south, easily accessible and provided with an ample underground parking garage.
Montura Store Isera is dedicated to the Pakistani region of Swat, which explains why you will see furnishings, decorations and photographic scenes of this territory's peoples and mountains displayed on each one of the two floors. Here you will find all models of Montura's production in 90% of the colour variants along with spacious departments specialised in alpinism, ski mountaineering, free ride, trekking shoes, running equipment and items for first aid in the mountains.
The staff composed of mountain guides, technicians in helicopter rescuing as well as male and female athletes of various sports disciplines (running, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering) will guide you providing you with useful advice concerning your purchases. Alpstation Isera has also got a conference hall available for meetings and cultural evenings.