Montura Finalborgo


Via Nicotera 46
17024 - Finale Ligure


+39 019 9480354

Finale Ligure on the Italian Riviera is one of the most committed towns in Italy and Europe to the practice outdoor sports because aficionados can enjoy them even when weather conditions are unfavourable in the Alpine region. Finalborgo, also known as one of “the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy”, has the advantage of being a maritime residential area as well as the departure point for numerous cliff climbing expeditions and MTB routes.
The Finalborgo Montura Store fully maintains the traditional style of a medieval village, preserving many elements of the historic fish shop that once occupied the rooms now displaying Montura products. Don’t be surprised if the checkout counter is a renovated fish stand or if the technical garments are “preserved” in what used to be the cold storage room for the fish. Passion for tradition goes hand in hand with passion for outdoor sports at the Finalborgo Montura Store.
The store displays a full range of Montura clothing and footwear for practicing rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking, ski mountaineering, running and bicycling in a style that is uniquely Finale-style. Moreover, a remarkable selection of cliff and route climbing equipment by the best brands on the market is also available. Notwithstanding its commitment to technical garments, the Finalborgo Montura Store also offers a large assortment of the finest garments and footwear from the Urban line. Customers can also take advantage of the opportunity offered at the store to rent via ferrata mountain trail kits, participate in group courses or organize customized excursions with local mountain guides at a special price.
Riccardo and Elisa are expert climbers and mountaineers who are waiting to welcome you to the store, advising you on how to find the perfect product to meet your needs and expectations. There is even a bookcase with Montura Editing publishing products and many books dedicated to mountain culture. A special evening is organized at the store once a month to present trips and explorations…and refreshments are on the house!