Montura Brescia


Via Armando Diaz 23/A
25010 San Zeno Naviglio (BS)


+39 030 8374251

 It opens right outside the city of Brescia, a crossroads for the important moutains of the Lombardy Alps, the new store Montura, a must for sports and mountain lovers.
As you enter, a wonderful variety of trees welcomes you in a space that welcomes visitors with all the warmth of birch and larch wood, magnificent benches builded with the wisdom of the carpenter, large trunks solid and reliable as your old mates. The spacious rooms offer a wide variety of accessories and clothing of the versatile world Montura, here represented in all forms: from mountaineering technical jacket to casual pants, new ways to dress up the sport and leisure.
Montura Store Brescia is also a Bike centre, as there is the new Montura bikewear liner.
The new shop is run by a close-knit group of young men and women, mountaineers and sportsmen who are themselves protagonists and lovers of sport and outdoor activities. In addition to the entire Montura collection for different outdoor sports, you can find backpacks for great explorations, climbing shoes, skis and boots for diehard skialper, shoes for long trail, crampons and ice axes, ropes and carabiners, equipment for canyoning and caving.

The presence of a Stube, finally, as a cultural space allows you to take a break to read a good book with a fireplace that warms the adults while the kids play in appropriate space. Good music will always be at home for accompaning parties and events, screenings and "close" meetings with the great figures of culture and sports that have always been part of the Montura family.