Wood Bike Stock

Put together a beautiful mountain hut, a group of curious cycle travelers, lots of music, good food and cheerfulness combined with a goal of solidarity and you have "Wood Bike Stock," a mountain adaptation of the unforgettable Woodstock rally, in which the watchwords were peace, love and music.
From the idea of the volcanic Danny Zampiccoli, a mountain guide from Arco who has grafted his passions and an original way of managing high-altitude hospitality into the Lausen refuge on the Monti Lessini Veronesi, the event was immediately supported by Montura, which saw here fully realized the contents of that "Searching for a new way" that has always distinguished its activity.
At the 1220 meters of the mountain of Velo Veronese the "vagamondi," as Gianni Brera used to call lovers of long bike rides, find something completely different from normal "rallies." And in early September each year, the prairie around the refuge is lit up with Montura's red tents, welcoming the peaceful tribe of those who love the environment, companionship and helping people in need.