Tuscany Trail

A 470-kilometer-long adventure, with 6500 meters of elevation gain, through extraordinary landscapes, ancient villages, savoring unique flavors and sharing the experience with 5 thousand other cyclists from all over the world.

This is the "Tuscany Trail," which has not coincidentally become the largest bikepacking event in the world over the years.

From Castagneto Carducci-two pedal strokes from the Tyrrhenian coast-with a "one stage" and "unsupported" route that takes you back to the starting point whenever you want, stopping where and when you decide, in complete autonomy and self-sufficiency, with the Gps track provided by the organizers along with assistance.

Main sponsor for several years, Montura has found in this event a concrete example of a "new way" and in the backpackers figures who embody the modern adventurer, in search of his own dimension, respecting others, nature, and the places crossed. A way to share an adventure and at the same time get to know new places and people.

Appointment in Castagneto Carducci on May 24 and 25, 2024 with the "Reverse" Edition!