The Festivaletteratura in Mantua is a fixed stop for fans of the Montura brand, which in addition to producing clothing and footwear for outdoor use, also produces excellent cultural containers and content, such as books, exhibitions and films.

All this in line with its mission to promote mountain culture and make it accessible to as many people as possible. Given these prerequisites, it could not fail to be present at Festivaletteratura, one of the most important national events in the sector.

In the 2023 edition, the main theme was 'finding words', at a time in history - as the manifesto states - 'when naming things and what happens around us seems increasingly difficult and deceptive'. As in past editions, Montura, as a sponsor, enriched the programme by presenting an unprecedented exhibition: in the majestic Atrio degli Arcieri, in the Ducal Palace, the exhibition dedicated to the Montura prize of the international competition War and Revolutionary Stories - WARS, now in its third edition and aimed at the works of photojournalists who bear witness to conflicts and humanitarian emergencies, was staged - free of charge. In addition, there was an award ceremony for the prize winners in the presence of the creators of the initiative, the Atlas of World Wars and Conflicts, represented by President Raffaele Crocco, and the Artistic Director of the competition and well-known photojournalist Fabio Bucciarelli.

In collaboration with the Arte Sella art park, in Piazza Lega Lombarda, in front of the entrance to the Atrio degli Arceri, the work 'Anima liquida' (Liquid Soul) was completed by artist Roberto Conte, who collected on the trunk of a linden tree over six metres tall, uprooted by a disturbance in Val di Sella, words and thoughts left by visitors to the Festival. Anima Liquida, a unique work of art, recounts the fragility of nature and the human being through the uprooted lime tree trunk, a very unique way of communicating this delicate message. Well, the trunk stripped of branches and bark, lying among the linden trees in Piazza Lega Lombarda, was covered with the emotions that visitors to Mantua's Festivaletteratura wanted to communicate. With a new skin made of engraved words, this fallen tree will be able to say new things and give voice to many people.