L'età sperimentale

Average life expectancy is increasing, and more people than ever are reaching old age.
They are more active than their predecessors and they carry out intense social work after retirement. Erri De Luca recounts his own, his training and how he maintains his physique thanks to rock climbing, even solo. He reads on a daily basis, takes care of the land and gives importance to play, a few friendships, the outdoors and regular hours. "No one has been old before me," he says, realising that no previous seniority can guide him. Ultimately, he affirms that this age he is experiencing is the best of his life. However, it
is not a gentle stroll, it is a continuous uphill battle.

Screenplay and protagonist: Erri De Luca
Director: Marco Zingaretti
Production: Soul Film and OhPen!
Running time: 30 minutes
Year: 2024