Laura Rogora

Since her first climb for fun with mum and dad, Laura has now become the absolute Italian champion of Lead and Boulder. Laura has been climbing since she was 4. 
She has always been assisted in her training by Alessandro Marocchi who, with his vigilant gaze, coordinates her training and rejoices for her progress.
Her first supporters were of course mum and dad. They've followed and supported her in every competition and as soon as it's possible, they all go up towards the Alps to reach the nearest cliffs from home because Laura loves outdoor climbing. It's in fact the best way to train and gain great results, like occupying the leading position in the chart of the European Youths Cup of Boulder and Lead. 
The 28th February, at the astronaut's cave in Gaeta, she freed “Grandi Gesti”, becoming the first Italian female climber to climb a 9a. She's also one of the youngest female climbers that's been able to close an 8b only at a first glance (Batuka to Margalef and Codigo Norte to Santa Linya). In 2017, nearly one year after she climbs Grandi Gesti, Laura has redpointed her second 9a with Joe-Cita in Oliana, Spain.
In 2018 Laura has been crowned Youth Bouldering World Champion.
In 2019 she became Youth Lead World Champion in Arco (TN).
In spring 2020 she climbed her first 9a+ route, the Pure Dreaming Plus in Arco.
Some really fantastic things for someone so young, for this reason Montura has decided to support and help Laura believe in her ability.
Follow her performance with us!