Laetitia Roux

 I was born in the French Hautes-Alpes in 1985 and lived until now in a pretty village of 1000 inhabitants, Savines-les-lac, between mountains and lake.
My parents have given me the value of sport and respect towards nature. At the age of two years I have worn my first skis and my passion for the sport has exploded very quickly. And also that for the competition. My older sister, Sandrine, has definitely helped to develop my determination and my tenacity encouraging me in my early childhood. Then I chose the sports high school that allowed me to do alpine ski races. It is only in 2005, a few years later, that I found my way and I starded to build my way. They are 12 years that I do in winter ski mountaineering racing. During these years I have learned to know and to know others.
My approach to the competition has evolved. Now I am delighted to share my passion with whoever gives me the opportunity to shine their eyes and make them dream.