Claudio Migliorini

I was born in 1981 in a small town in the Po valley: “how did you end up in the mountains?” this is what everyone asks me! I started climbing for fun in 2008, and I have never stopped.
My mountain-climbing has always followed the seasons, trying to savour every moment spent with my companions or alone in the mountains.
The first repetitions, first ascents, links, solo climbs and quick climbs; as part of a group or with a trusted companion, but also alone, just by myself.
I like to fully experience the mountains in all circumstances, both in winter and summer, all over the alps... I try everything! I currently work as a mountain guide or, actually, I make “dreams come true”, as a dear friend always says. Working as a “mountain guide” is an ambition that has grown slowly inside me, similarly to my passion for the mountains. Before I realised it, “going to the mountains” became an everyday thing, day after day, emotion after emotion, probably hardly ever knowing where I really wanted to go!