Alessandro Baù

When I was 14 and started climbing with my father, I used to play water polo and always be in the swimming pool. When I started studying engineering at university, I left cap and ball to devote myself to the cliffs and Dolomites. Slowly, also thanks to the CAI, I discovered Alpine Skiing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, winter mountaineering and… I started travelling! Contemporarily I had the chance, as an engineer, to travel on ships; with my laptop in the bag I tried to work and recharge my batteries. On the cliff I met Claudia, my wife, and it is wonderful to share this lifestyle with her.
I am 31 years old now and I devote myself to my passion as a mountaineer and, in the future, as Mountain Guide (I have just started a course for Mountain Guides… it is amazing!
Mountain, as well as life, is very interesting and always gives me new challenges; with a bit of determination, I am sure, you can realise all dreams…

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