Montura Lavaredo


Via Cima Gogna 2
32041 - Auronzo di Cadore


+39 0435 9491

In the presence of the most famous trio of giants in the Dolomites, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, at Gogna in Auronzo you'll find Montura Store Lavaredo, a Mecca for fans of mountain sports activities and culture, located just where the very earliest settlement is said to have arisen to the East of the “Pale Mountains”.  A site where valleys, waterways and lands meet, coming from and leading to Comelico, Carnia and Cadore, which make this area rich in mineral waters, history and stories.
Similarly to Giuseppe, the head of the store had already scaled all three peaks with his father, an Alpine guide, by the age of 10. Along with Arianna and Giacomo, the “Lavaredo” Team can always provide accurate and expert advice on the right item of clothing or the most suitable technical tool. Perhaps your choice will be swayed by one of their local stories and guided by their expert, tourist and cultural advice, or maybe you'll pick a Montura book from among the titles found in the special area on the ground floor.
The top floor of the shop houses a room used for meetings, containing a valuable panoramic collection of photographs and accounts of the legendary and fascinating history of the region.