Montura Store Kids Cles


Via Guglielmo Marconi, 66
38023 - Cles


+39 0463 600265

Is there a minimum age for learning to understand and love the mountains, their landscapes and even rough outdoor life with the arduous challenges that it often throws up? Or can you be “too small” to fall in love with exploration, curiosity, discovery and nature? We don't think so here at Alpstation Cles Kids, situated right next door to the adults' shop.
In fact, we believe that forests, summits and trails all around the world are more likely to reveal their secrets to anyone who looks at them from low down, though wide open eyes.
However, every adventure that you embark upon requires the right equipment, even for “miniature” ones. Here we offer everything that even the most demanding people are looking for so they can bring their kids with them in complete comfort and safety: the entire Montura Kids clothing line, sport and trekking shoes for children, all types of equipment, including climbing shoes and harnesses, rucksacks and accessories for trekking, baby carriers, pushchairs and other means of transport for mountain lovers between the ages of 0-14.
But don't worry if mum and dad need time to think and choose in peace and quiet: with its warm wooden design and finishing, the store also contains a well-equipped and organised games area.
This store is located along the main road, four hundred metres from the centre of town, and has a large car park.