Montura Arco


Via Galas, 1
38062 - Arco (TN)


+39 0464 512789

There is a place in the very heart of Italy's mountain climbing and outdoor activity capital which reaches well beyond the conventional idea of a store. Every detail has a story to tell: from the unpainted walls, revealing every colour they have had over the years, and the pictures and objects on display to the large warm tree trunks that scent the first floor. Located at the entrance of the town of Arco and split into two levels – one for women and children and the other for men –, Montura's experiential space is different from the other stores selling sports items because of its total dedication to clothing.

Montura focuses particularly on comfortable quality garments that can be worn every day, offering an assortment from every line manufactured by the brand – from the mountain climbing line to the cotton collection. Supervised by the renowned Gobbi family and complementary to time-honoured Gobbisport (an essential reference point for mountaineers and climbing equipment to this day), the experience and opportunities to meet protagonists from the vertical sport circuit and those who love living outdoors is ensured and developed through special evenings, events, presentations and many other cultural initiatives brought to you by the abounding and multi-coloured Montura World.