Testo Firenze

Debut in Florence on the occasion of 'Testo 2024' for 'Montura Editing', the editorial brand of Montura, an Italian brand and international leader in mountain and outdoor clothing, which two years ago became part of the corporate orbit of Claudio Marenzi, owner of Herno.


For a quarter of a century, Montura Editing has been a cultural workshop that has supported the publication of more than a 100 titles, more than 60 of them under the 'Montura Editing' brand. 250,000 volumes distributed, always in exchange for a donation for solidarity projects. And then the film activity: over 90 films supported, stories of people in often disadvantaged and mountainous places.


Following the company motto 'Searching for a new way', Montura has followed its own path not only in the publishing and film fields, but also by investing significant resources in concrete solidarity and development support projects. Examples of this are the Rarahil Memorial School in Nepal, conceived by mountaineer Fausto De Stefani with the Fondazione Senza Frontiere, or the Ger Camp in Mongolia conceived by anthropologist David Bellatalla with the Red Cross and Need You Onlus to help single mothers with disabled children, and the training centres and schools of Operation Mato Grosso in Peru. But also many other projects in Italy and Europe that focus on people, especially those with difficulties. The highest aim of the activities carried out by Montura Editing has been precisely to educate people to know the territories, the places, because respect for the environment, for nature is in concrete terms respect for others.

Montura Editing will be present from 23 to 25 February at Stand 18/A at Testo - Stazione Leopolda - with a selection of its titles and, in Munari Room 2 on Saturday 24 February at 5 p.m., for the presentation of the new work in progress: 'Like a skinny little ant' by Alessandro de Bertolini, with the author and editor of the work present.

'Like a skinny little ant' by Alessandro de Bertolini

"Mongolia, China, Tibet and Nepal are infinitely big. Asia is infinitely big. When you cycle through it alone you are a skinny ant with a tent and a sleeping bag..."

Thus begins the tale of the exploration of Asia solo by bicycle, 7.500 kilometres in 75 days, to connect physically but also ideally two places, two solidarity projects long supported by Montura: the"Ger Camp" in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) and the "RarahilMemorial School" in Kathmandu (Nepal). Travelling through deserts and mountains from the Gobi desert to Everest Base Camp, encountering different ethnic-linguistic minorities, customs and traditions, the journey encompassed much of the Asian continent. From Mongolia to Nepal via the Chinese regions of Inner Mongolia, Nigxia with the Yellow River, Gansu with the remains of the Great Wall of Chinaand the UNESCO site of the Rainbow Mountains, the Qinghai of the great lakes, the Tibet of the immense highlands. A project born in 2017 - on the return of the cycling trip to North America from which the book and film of the same name "It's my home for three months" were born - elaborated at length dueto the objective complexity of the journey and also supported by the CNR-National Research Council of Rome on the occasion of its centenary and by other cultural and scientific institutions such as MUSE-Museo delle Scienze, Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino, Centro Studi "Martino Martini" of the University of Trento. With the collaboration of the Italian Embassies of China and Mongolia.