The ice builders

In the Himalayan mountains, in the remote and desolate Zanskar valley, local communities have always depended on glaciers melting in the spring, providing vital water for their livelihoods and agriculture. However, in recent decades, the situation has changed dramatically: rising temperatures have caused glaciers to shrink rapidly and severe water shortages, even leading to the disappearance of many villages. In response to this unprecedented challenge brought about by climate change, the inhabitants of many Ladakh villages are now adopting an innovative approach: the construction of artificial glaciers. Through a combination of traditional techniques and modern practices, they are working to counteract the water shortage in the spring and help recharge the water table. This effort represents a courageous and determined fight against the devastating impacts of climate change, demonstrating the resilience and creativity of local communities in the face of a global crisis.

Directors: Francesco Clerici e Tommaso Barbaro
Producer: Point Nemo
Duration: 15’
Year: 2024