Rarahil Memorial School

A journey started many years ago from a dream of Fausto De Stefani, Uno Montura.

The foundation "Senza Frontiere" - Onlus supports aid and self-development projects in developing contries, like the "Rarahil" project in Kirtipur, a small village not far from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Rarahil Memorial School is an education centre focused on giving new opportunities to joung people.
The school needs to be modernized and enlarged, in order to offer better accomodation and new services fo the students. The new building, in fact, will host some fundamental structures fot the school: a new canteen, a modern and functional kitchen, the laboratories and many new rooms for the students. In the hand-craft laboratories the students will learn to manufacture handmade object following the ancient and noble tradition of Kirtipur craftsmen. The craftmen-teachers working in the school till, in this way, help to keep alive traditional knowledge, values and crafts of this area.

A journey started many years ago from a dream of Fausto De Stefani, #UnoMontura.

The time needed to complete the building will, in large amount, depend on the fund raising. The foundation will finance the building of the structure, while Rarahil Memorial School will implement the project assuring its development and fulfilment.

Montura Editing supports the "Rarahil" projects. All the proceeds from its books sale will be hand over to Senza Frontiere foundation. A small gesture can benefit significantly this community.

Donations in favor of Rarahil projects can be made via:
Bank wire in favor of Fondazione Senza Frontiere ONLUS, IBAN IT-27-M-0846657550000000008029, Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Castel Goffredo (MN) and with reason of payment "Contributo Progetto Rarahil";
Post wire in favor of Progetto Rarahil, c/c n. 14866461, Fondazione Senza Frontiere - ONLUS, Via s. Apollonio n. 6 - 46042 Castel Goffredo (MN) Italy and with reason of payment "Contributo Progetto Rarahil".

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