Il contrabbando non è peccato

The documentary is a choral work that stems from the desire to reconstruct a historical era in a "particular" territory between Ossola and Valais. A story that begins in the late 1700s and ends in the early 1970s told by the testimonies of the last Ossola "spalloni," financiers, Swiss border guards and historians of the territory both Italian and Swiss. The film thus has historical roots but is also an opportunity for a journey through the high valleys in Ossola and Valais, with the aim of investigating an economic and social phenomenon that characterizes the history of all Alpine border valleys: smuggling of labor, defined by many authors as "romantic."

Screenplay: Nicola Giovanni Paolo Buffoni, Alessio Cusano, Andrea Delvescovo
Director: Nicola Giovanni Paolo Buffoni
Production: Pietro Negri for SAN NORBERTO SEI
Running time: 90 minutes
Year: 2024