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As long as the legs hold

We subject our products to rigorous testing, which always ends with field testing. For the new collection dedicated to trail running, we chose to do so with the help of three runners: not professionals but people who are passionate about their favorite activity and have chosen their own way of experiencing nature. Venturing into the picturesque rocky hills near Lyon, France, we engaged in a day of trail running that perfectly combined performance and fun.

Our belief is rooted in the idea that any activity, regardless of the level of competition or effort expended, always represents a pool of joy and satisfaction from which to draw to elevate our level of well-being. Those intermediate moments, often overlooked, are just as powerful in embodying a philosophy, a distinct approach to sports and recreation.

That's why "fun" was the watchword during this test. Where we also confirmed that Montura's experience in the use of materials, combined with the attention to the smallest details that connotes our product, has shaped a line that in the least invasive way possible gives comfort and freedom of movement in every environment, during every step.