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Montura official supplier
of the Bergrettungsdientst
Im Avs Südtirol

Workframe’ was officially born in 2008, but the activity linked to this particular area of Montura began in the early days. It is a division dedicated to the world of technical work, created to respond to the needs and problems encountered by those who live the mountains and nature not only for passion, but also - and above all - by profession. We are talking, for example, about the men and women of the CNSAS (Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico - National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps), the Fire Brigade (SAF, TLC, USAR, SAPR PILOTS...), Search Dog Units; the list is long and varied. The fundamental element of Montura Workframe is the Technical Specialist Team, made up of qualified, certified professionals with many years of experience, working in precisely these particular sectors.
It is thanks to the research, but above all to the experience of these people gained in the field and continuously updated, that innovative projects based on concrete needs are born at Montura Workframe.
Not only the cutting, tailoring and ergonomics of special garments, but also the development of new materials, designed and manufactured exclusively to achieve those levels of comfort and functionality but above all safety required by the various regulations and certifications.
All this without ever setting aside style and technicality, elements that have always been distinctive of Montura's production philosophy. Hence the direct collaborations between Montura and the most important Bodies, Organisations and Technical Operating Structures in the area. In particular, these include, already since 2018, the official supply of Montura Workframe for the operators of the CNSAS Alpine and Speleological Rescue Service of South Tyrol.
Today, Montura proudly announces the collaboration with the BERGRETTUNGSDIENST IM AVS SÜDTIROL / Alpine Rescue of the Alpenverein Südtirol, thus covering the entire province.
"Thanks to the innovation and care that Montura dedicates to those engaged in difficult environments and situations, the Bergrettungsdientst Im AVS Südtirol has found in us the ideal partner. We are extremely pleased to be able to be at the side of a corps that is recognised as an example at European and world level for its historicity but, above all, for its efficiency."
Claudio Marenzi, President of Montura.
Officially established in 1948, its roots go back to the beginning of the last century, when the general assembly of the Alpenverein of Austria and Germany authorised the establishment of a mountain rescue office in each section of the Alpenverein in 1902. In those days, ‘the men with the green cross and the edelweiss’ intervened with very few means at their disposal, often carrying out ‘rescue’ operations. Today, with its more than 35 intervention stations, the Bergrettungsdientst Im AVS Südtirol is the model for all mountain rescue organisations to follow.

"Our collaboration with Montura is marked from the very beginning by an understanding of our needs. In the development of the products, we are supported by a well-prepared and motivated team that is distinguished by its professionalism and attention to detail."

Thomas Hellrigl, President Bergrettungsdientst Im AVS Südtirol.

Montura will supply, starting in 2024 and for 10 years thereafter, the uniform to the approximately 1100 operators of the Bergrettungsdientst Im AVS Südtirol / Alpine Rescue of the Alpenverein Südtirol.