Montura Trento


Via Oss Mazzurana 43
38122 - Trento


+39 0461 1820643

This is Montura's home town with our mountains close by: within our reach, right before our eyes. Here you can tackle out-of-the-ordinary or everyday - but never routine -  climbs, trails, off-piste, ski mountaineering, dressed in the best tried and tested technical apparel.
In the capital town of this superb mountain region you'll find the perfect practical base camp that encapsulates the spirit of Montura: that feeling which embodies every journey, every exploration, the hardest or most relaxing ascents and descents that you embark upon with a curiosity to see and experience. Each of these activities can be done a stone's throw from here, just like on the edge of the world, while being able to rely on a comfort, convenience and resilience that has already been put to the test out in the most extreme landscapes created by Mother Nature.
The Trento store provides the very best of Montura: all kinds of apparel for every season that will meet any of your needs. You'll find comfortable, warm items at the cutting-edge of technology, which can protect you against rain, snow and wind, or cool you down out in the hot sun.
Is everything here? Well no, but there's everything that Montura designs, tests and makes. And it couldn't be any other way since among these valleys, rock faces and high Alpine forests our desire was born to tackle climates, conditions, conventions and convictions, a desire that has always been at the heart of the brand's vision. Everything else is already inside every mountain lover and adventurer. Maybe you won't be able to find it or bring it out by a quick visit to the Montura Store, but it sure will help.