Montura Rovereto


Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 1
38068 - Rovereto


+39 0464 081163

The “Flower Brand” comes to town!  The store is located in Giuseppe Garibaldi 1, where you can feel with your hands a wide selection of Montura clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and kids. It is dedicated to all the Montura collections, from trekking to ski mountaineering, from running to climbing, without forgetting urban and free time. The sales staff are the perfect guides to help you explore the world of Montura. In keeping with the Montura philosophy, there’s plenty of space for reading and culture in this new store, where Montura Editing publications are available. The warm and welcoming environment of the Montura Store in Rovereto makes it the perfect place for anyone wanting to lead an active lifestyle without sacrificing wearability.