Montura Roma


Via Della Vite 31
00187 - Roma


+39 06 97606123

Christmas 2016 brought a new flower to Rome. The flower of MONTURA, the Italian brand that is an international leader in the mountain and outdoor clothing and footwear industry.
We are talking about the “MONTURA STORE ROME” located in Via della Vite 31, a stone's throw from Piazza di Spagna. It has been the latest landmark for aficionados of the outdoor lifestyle since 2016. In line with the company motto “Searching for a new way”, MONTURA products are made with the finest prime materials and technical content on today's market.
The standards of time-honoured Italian couture are combined with these elements to create garments that are not only beautiful to look at but are comfortable and safe to wear as well. Garments and footwear by MONTURA are ideal for long expeditions, adventures at high altitudes or in the middle of the ocean. But they are also the perfect companions for a day of hiking, time outdoors with friends or just to stay warm during the winter months.
MONTURA is also about publishing: its MONTURA EDITING develops original advertising initiatives and supports the publication of literary works and film production.