Montura Outlet Romagnano Sesia


Via Novara 349
28078 - Romagnano Sesia


+39 0163 791264

Montura has always approached its admirers first hand, gradually creating a network of shops that are not mere sales outlets, but real aggregators of a community. People who not only appreciate a technically advanced and high-performance product, but who embrace and share a way of being: being Montura. Outdoor and mountain enthusiasts, committed to the knowledge of the territory, nature and their conservation, who believe in respecting the environment and those who live in it.
To consolidate this sense of belonging even more strongly, Montura today opens its first Outlet, in Romagnano Sesia, a strategic crossroads from which one can enter many mountain valleys such as Valsesia, Valsessera and the Biellese Pre-Alps.
Romagnano Sesia is also world famous for its vineyards with excellent production of Nebbiolo from northern Italy. The town is rich in art and museums, with many Romanesque remains scattered throughout the area.
In our first Outlet you can appreciate all the Montura quality and get closer to the outdoor world by taking advantage of unrepeatable bargains.
In the Montura Outlet Store in Romagnano Sesia you will find collections from years gone by but always current, with all the characteristics of our products that have always distinguished us: technicality, comfort, ergonomics, safety, durability.
Entering a cosy environment, typical of Montura shops, waiting for all mountain enthusiasts, there is the prepared and attentive staff, ready to propose outdoor outfits to suit every need.
The offer is complete: clothing for men, women and children, footwear and accessories.