Sciacche Trail

There, where the Alps descend into the Ligurian Sea and the people of the Val di Vara have "conquered" the slopes over the centuries, giving the world a Unesco World Heritage Site such as the famous "Cinque Terre," a trail race is held in early spring that has become a promotional element over the years, but which takes its name from one of the most traditional local values: a famous fortified wine, Sciacchetrà. From the name of the wine to the name of the race, it was a short step. Forty-seven kilometers with 2180 meters of positive elevation gain are now a renowned tradition in the trail world. The ups and downs among the vineyards overlooking the sea, a continuous exchange of green and blue, the passages through the ancient villages and the paths traveled by the winemakers are so appreciated that a selection of the starters, from all over the world, was necessary. Then the organizers also added the Ultra, 100 kilometers "between sea, mountains and silence" (actually in 2024 it is 104, with more than 6,000 meters d+) limited to 50 athletes, which completes a territorial offer of world value, that of the National Park and its surroundings, in which Montura has found a sharing of values.