Finale for Nepal

Finale For Nepal is a voluntary association that provides education and accommodation to children in Nepal, aged between 4 and 18, who would otherwise not have the opportunity.
It all started in 2009, when a group of guys from Finale Ligure (Liguria, Italia), who are passionate about climbing and the outdoors, decided to develop a project to promote sport climbing in Nepal.
One of these guys lives and works in Nepal, hence the thread that links the climbing paradise to the realm of high-altitude mountaineering. They thought of a small ‘climbing’ party to raise funds to help this population in the Asian country, and thus the 1st ‘Finale for Nepal’ event was born. As the months went by, the group of friends became a ‘Voluntary Association’ and took on various projects in the Asian country.
In April 2010, the group reached Nepal to visit various rural areas, various projects and also to equip a cliff. Hence the first contact with the ‘Chepang’ ethnic group, in fact the poorest in the country. And it was from this encounter that the main project of the association ‘Finale For Nepal’ came to life, a family home on the outskirts of Kathmandu, which houses many orphaned children and guarantees them access to education, food, clothing, housing, health care and everything they need. Finale for Nepal supports financially the cost of the director, the housekeeper, the assistant and the rent of the building. All the children, boys and girls housed come from the western parts of Nepal, which are notoriously extremely poor areas.
The 2023 turnover envisages 3 girls leaving to go to university for which scholarships are being sought and 3 new girls entering in May, which coincides with the start of the Nepalese school year.
At the moment, the association ‘Finale for Nepal’ supports the Himalayan Primary School (formerly Dutch Mountain School) 100 per cent, taking care of the education of as many as 40 children in a very remote region of Nepal. Another major project is that of the ‘Green Soldiers’, who clean up the city of Kathmandu, villages in the most remote regions of the country, and trekking trails in the Himalayas. In the space of a few years, the Association, thanks also to the fundraising carried out at the various ‘Finale for Nepal’ events, has set up a series of social projects of great moral value.

Finale for Nepal 2024

The thirteenth edition, from 17 to 19 May, will be dedicated to the female universe and respect for love in all its forms, all gathered under the slogan Respect Love.
The program is very rich: bouldering competitions, concerts, book presentations, meetings with the protagonists of world climbing, Sherpa trekking, silent walking, wellness and Nepalese culture.
This year's novelties, all female, include the first Woman best trik, a direct challenge between the world-famous climbers Giulia Medici, Federica Papetti, Anna Borella, and Irina Daziano (Saturday 18 May, 6.30 pm), the meeting with mountaineer Federica Mingolla, who is setting off for K2 with an all-women team (Saturday 18 May, 5.30 pm), and the meeting with Nasim Esqhi, an Iranian mountaineer fighting for women's rights (Sunday 19 May).
Info and program: