Women of the outermost lands

Women of The Outermost Lands" is a human research journey focused on the reality of the world of women that the author has encountered in regions of the Earth considered geographically extreme. Women and places on the margins. In the desert depression of Ethiopia's Danakil Desert, on the inaccessible island of Socotra (Yemen), on the remote highlands of Western Mongolia, on the borders of Siberia. The aim of the project is to bear witness to the cohesion of the world of women, to a tacit "social pact": that exists between all women, which underlies the solid foundations of these unknown or forgotten societies. A message with which to continue a reflection on the condition of women, on the inequality and disruptions that still make it difficult for women to assert themselves socially not only in extreme societies but also in societies of widespread prosperity. 

The book supports the projects "Ger For Life" and "Casa Need You" carried out in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) by Need You Onlus in collaboration with Montura, Red Cross Mongolia and Rotary.

AUTHOR: Caterina Borgato

PAGES: 187         
PUBLISHER: Montura Editing           
YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2021         

ISBN: 9788894532777