Operation Mato Grosso

Montura supports the activities of Operazione Mato Grosso in Peru. The education and social project was founded in Val Formazza in 1967 by Salesian priest Ugo de Censi, and through the building of the 'Claudio e Bruno' mountain refuge, it has led in time to the establishment of an international bond of solidarity between Italy and South America. Operazione Mato Grosso (OMG) is active on several fronts, in particular in the Andes, where it has built up a network of guest houses and founded a local organisation of mountain guides.

OMG guest houses are genuine mountain refuges, and can be found both in Italy and in Peru, staffed by Operazione Mato Grosso volunteers. Besides being run by volunteers, many of these refuges were also built by the young people who, by undertaking tasks that are often exhausting and menial, have rediscovered the values of a simpler, truer life, something perhaps that we are all seeking when we head into the mountains. The volunteers who ascend each year to work in the guest houses do so without payment, to help the poor. Not with words, but concretely: all the money earned goes to sustain the Operazione Mato Grosso missions in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia