It's my home for three months

What to put in the suitcase? Two things are needed before taking off for a long journey. Strong motivation and someone waiting for you back home.
Alessandro de Bertolini (born in Trento, Italy in 1979) has been a freelance journalist since 2006. He collaborates with the Corriere del Trentino newspaper, Trentino Industriale (Trento Industry Confederation) and mountain climbing magazines.
He has been working at the Trentino Region Historical Foundation Museum since 2007. In his free time, he travels the world on bicycle, on foot or on skis and then writes about his journeys. De Bertolini's diary of these 10,000 kilometres on bicycle is entitled "Non è un'impresa, ma un progetto storico e culturale supportato da Montura Editing" (Not an exploit but a historical and cultural project sponsored by Montura Editing”).
From the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean by way of America's largest parks, the deserts and plains of the West, the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the silence of Canada and the unending solitude of Alaska. This is the story of Alessandro de Bertolini's solitary journey on his bike.

AUTHOR: Alessandro de Bertolini
PUBLISHER: Montura Editing
YEAR OF PUBLICATION: printed in April 2018