Forte di Bard

Forte di Bard is an imposing military structure built in the first half of the 19th century atop a rock spur at the entrance to the Valle d’Aosta. Thanks to comprehensive restoration work, the fortress is now a cultural and tourist centre that houses museums, international exhibitions, events, and state-of-the-art information and hospitality services. A distinctive feature of the Forte in its current form are the modern architectural structures capable of blending military facilities and new technologies.

You can visit the Forte to admire its imposing military architecture. The structure consists of three main buildings, located at different levels, between 400 and 467 metres above sea level. In all, there are 283 rooms that could accommodate a garrison of a thousand men, as well as about fifty cannons and 296 embrasures. Two squares located at the top of the rock spur host events and happenings throughout the year.

At the heart of the Forte's museum programme, the Museum of the Alps is a virtual journey through time and space to discover the Alpine world. The history of the Forte is then revealed inside the Prisons; the cells host an itinerary that guides visitors through the history of the military site, which was a strategic transit point for centuries. The third museum, the Museum of Fortifications and Frontiers, covers an area of over two thousand square metres. Located in the Opera Ferdinando, it takes you on a journey through the evolution of defensive techniques, siege systems, and the concept of the frontier.

A rich programme of displays dedicated to art and photography completes the exhibitions on offer.

Forte di Bard,

the gateway to the Valle d'Aosta