Caterina Borgato

I was born into a family of mountaineers and travelers. 1966.
I have humanistic back ground, classical high school, a degree in political science, a master's degree in business culture at CUOA in Altavilla Vicentina, a ten-year experience at the airport in Venice and then the courage to start from scratch. Since 2004 I have been "expert on tour" for Kel12 National Geographic Expeditions. A profession that is research, study, continuous deepening and sharing.
I have lived and worked in Yemen, Mongolia and Ethiopia. The most intense experiences of my life.
I am interested in human beings, above all. Wherever they live. My work is about introducing people to lands and peoples and making them fall in love with travel time.

I believe in the strength of human relationships as the energy that moves the Universe.
I believe in the strength and courage of women.
I believe in freedom, to be, to think, to believe, to which everyone gives the meaning they prefer in proportion to how much they live as "slaves" in reality.
I believe in love, that of the you and I that makes the we exist, that which is the solid basis of collaboration, solidarity, mutual help and complicity.
I believe in the interweaving, extraordinary and overwhelming, of image and writing , a sensual dance of details that put together can contain the whole universe.
I like poets, explorers, dreamers.