Montura Parma


Via dei Muratori 4 B/C
43123 - Parma


+39 0521 643884

Out of the search for adventure and a love for the mountain environment and everything that surrounds us came the idea of giving the Emilia area and people, who are eager and passionate about these wonderful Italian mountains, a unique place in which to feel immersed in nature.
The new shop, south of Parma, is easily reached from provincial road SP 513, in the direction of Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, and is equipped with a large car park. The large space is run by Rolando, Laura, Eva and Elena - a close-knit team, full of enthusiasm and living mountain life with a passion - who discovered Montura through scaling the great mountains on their doorstep and crossing the Alps in all seasons and conditions on rock, snow and ice. Here you’ll find the right advice about how important clothing is that protects mountaineers, accompanying them on their adventure, be it a simple excursion, a lengthy, complex expedition or a fun climb. The atmosphere in the new Parma premises is characterized by passion and expertise gained in the field and passed on to friends and customers.
Inside the shop, a comprehensive display of the extensive Montura collection with everything you need to climb mountains, scale walls, run marathons or do any “vertical” activity will help you choose the items most suited to your requirements. From rucksacks for big explorations or small excursions, to climbing shoes, shoes for long trails, crampons and ice axes, quickdraws and ropes. Particular attention is devoted to running, with an entire large wall dedicated to trail and running that is constantly replenished with the latest innovations to satisfy every desire of the most demanding of customers.
The children’s corner is well worth a visit, where kids are invited to walk, run and climb mountains with the proper clothing that Montura has devised for them. There is also an invaluable historic library of books on the mountains that will immerse enthusiasts amid the peaks and the expeditions of the greatest and most famous pioneers of days gone by, with old books - complete with dust - available to our most dedicated, inquisitive friends.
Walter Bonatti once said, “He who climbs higher, sees further, he who sees further, dreams longer”. This is the spirit that welcomes you to the comfortable new Montura shop, a place where dreams find their practical tools.